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Vapor Developer (Server Side Swift)

Vapor Developer (Server Side Swift)

We at Nodes are a young, ambitious mobile agency working with all sorts of digital solutions, mainly driven around mobile development. We are in total 75+ employees across our Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague offices. We are a bunch of geeks who love to discuss everything from robot programming and the latest web-based trends, to the newest native OS features during our lunch breaks. We have a young, informal work culture with a flat structure and good camaraderie.Vapor @ Nodes:

  • we’re using Swift and Vapor as our weapon of choice for our APIs, backends and middlewares
  • we build with general clean code principles and with unit tests in mind
  • our stack consists of native features and many custom packages (see our repos on Github)
  • we write custom libraries, file templates and code generators for reducing boilerplate code
  • we run builds and tests on CIs with custom setup
  • we also use Swift on iOS
  • and also contribute to the open source community!
What are we looking for:

  • you’ve got at least 2 years of Backend or iOS experience (or similar knowledge)
  • you have worked with REST APIs in your previous projects
  • proactivity and eye for detail
  • high quality clean code with good programming principles
  • responsibility on projects that you work on
  • active English knowledge (speaking/writing)
What would be awesome:

  • knowledge or passion for learning other platforms (iOS, Frontend, Backend…)
  • you are experienced with Git and Github
  • experience with CI and command line tools
  • you’ve done unit testing previously
  • experience with connecting with 3rd party services and APIs (Firebase, Facebook…)

  • transparency and flat structure – we want a friend, not just a colleague
  • we care about learning and personal growth and want to help you grow
  • we cover conferences, books, tutorials, workshops and more options to learn
  • various team building activities each motnh – cinema, paintabll, party or your idea!
  • apps for your portfolio that you can be proud of not just in your CV
  • newest Macbook (or PC) and Bose headphones
  • occasional travel to our Copenhagen, London or Berlin offices
  • we will help you with the VISA process if necessary and provide personal support

Come meet us for a coffee, tea or beer and chat with no strings attached.

You can contact us here.



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